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About Us

Interactive Marketing was formed in 2001 around an idea to help small merchants develop more sophisticated ways to increase customer loyalty and repeat traffic. Larger established chains and small merchants share common ground in their desire to form loyal shopping and dining habits. However, their marketing budgets are a vastly different story and smaller merchants are usually unable to employ the high tech electronic methods for capturing customer data and the database marketing techniques for inviting customers to return. In 2002, the Welcome Back Rewards™ program was launched to fill this gap and offer a low cost but sophisticated method that promised to bring customers back more often and have them spend more when they returned. The program also takes advantage of the direct marketing opportunities provided by the data capture from email marketing to custom direct mail offerings.

Two key advantages employed in the program are responsible for the success of the Welcome Back Rewards™ program:

  • The first was the development of a software platform that resides entirely on the Internet and is available to an infinite number of merchants simultaneously. The merchant does not need to invest in equipment or software and never pays transaction fees.
  • The second advantage is the unique nature of the loyalty device: The  program originates with a checkbook of bar codes that the consumer uses to communicate and record purchase visits at the merchant location. The merchant returns the barcode checks to Interactive Marketing who functions as the bank, entering the customer data and transactions at a central location then providing a transaction statement to the merchant and the customer on line. Interactive Marketing does all the work for the merchant from customer enrollment to providing the customer rewards as gift certificates or gift cards.

Today, Our software platform has been expanded to include a variety of products including loyalty cards and gift cards. Now, Interactive Marketing can offer customer loyalty services to every level of the market place. We have even developed a product called City Masterkey™ that functions as a universal card for city, town or shopping district marketing to enhance community loyalty towards a specific shopping venue. We are a one-stop-shopping platform for customer loyalty.